Saturday, June 17, 2006

Zomg Eddie Perfect is the greatest human being ever concieved!

<- THIS is Eddie Perfect. Oh my fucking God what a legend! Tonight I saw the first musical he ever wrote and I now have a purpose in life. 10/10 for political insight, 9.9/10 for orchestration and song construction (the 0.1 I took off was probably the performers - not Eddie. Mind you, very talented group of performers *applauds VCA*), I was a little disappointed with the lack of storyline and fluidity within the show but hey, I just go to musicals to hear songs sung in context.

So back to my new purpose in life. Not really my sole purpose, but just something that has to be done no matter what. Anyway, I need that music. I don't care how I get it. The main problem is that it won't be released in CD or sheet music form until it goes pro, and there is a probability that it won't go pro :( So the only way to get it is to be in a production of the show (highly unlikely), or to stalk Eddie until he agrees to hand over the music (highly likely - especially as I have 4 months of holidays starting in November).

If there are any other ways of getting the music of the musical "UP" by Eddie Perfect, TELL ME NOW!!!

Peace, love and mungbeans

Dani xxx

P.S. Where does the "yes, we have no bananas" line come from? 'Tis part of a song...